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gogreen promote clean energy technologies on The Isle of Man. Reduce your environmental impact, one carbon-footprint at a time.

Save money and breathe cleaner Manx air by installing:

At a price which does not cost the earth, gogreen today.

Save Money with Green Technologies

Community energy projects are a great success all around the world, gogreen would like to bring this success to the Isle of Man.

Community energy projects are based on a simple concept: the local community fund local energy projects, such as solar on school buildings.

Cost savings of having green energy are passed onto both the relevant school and the community, a win-win for all involved.

Read more about community energy projects

A fully green home, or business

What does a fully green home look like?. Here is a walk through of the technologies available to create a green property:

gogreen can guide your green journey, we are here for every step of the way, contact us today.

Refreshingly different, gogreen:
  • Practice what we preach: the environment is important, we drive EVs not diesel vans,
  • Publish standard install prices, upfront and open,
  • Committed to adoption of environmentally friendly products: our prices match UK prices,
  • Prices quoted have no hidden extra costs,

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