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Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

Air Source Heat Pumps work by taking heat from the air and heat underfloor raditators and hot water cylinders. Typically for every 1kW of electricity used by the heat pump, 4kW worth of heat is recovered from the air and transferred into your home, slashing your heating bill. Not only can heat pumps save you money, they are also kind to the environment, reducing your carbon footprint by 1/3rd, or put another way three houses with heat pumps produce the same carbon dixoide as a single house with an oil burner. The Isle of Man is home to many palm trees, normally growing in Southern Europe, they find the mild Manx climate well suited, as air temperatures rarely drop below zero. Heat pumps are also well suited to the Manx climate, which has an average annual temperature of 10°C, in comparison the UKs average temperature is 7°C.

Even if the outside temperature is a chilly artic -7°C, a heat pump can still extract twice as much energy, 2kW from 1kW.

Cheapest Heating Running Costs

Heat pumps offer the cheapest form of heating on the Island, when a heat pump is installed Manx Utilities offer a comfy heat electricity tariff: half price electricity over night and between 4pm to 6pm, this coupled with typical energy efficiencies of 400% make heat pumps the cheapest form of heating on the Island. This chart comparison demonstrates:

Based on November 2022 prices. Heat pump: composite comfy heat electricity 4.7p per kWh. All Island Gas 20p and Oil 450 litre refill 10.8p per usable kWh.

The chart demonstrates big savings if currently using gas as your form of heating, a heat pump can cost 1/3rd to run. Comparison to oil, the heat pump costs less than half price to operate. Environmental savings are even greater, three times less CO2 than a oil boiler, a significant environmental impact reduction. In the future as the Island switches over to more environmentally friendly generation, the environment impact will become zero, and zero CO2 when heating with an Air Source Heat Pump.

How Heat Pumps Work

A fridge works by extracting heat from inside the fridge, using a compressor-pump. A heat pump works on the same principle, except the outside air supplies heat for the home. A heat pump consists of an outside fan unit and an inside control box and water cylinder, supplying hot water for the home. Heat pumps are most efficient when supplying constant 40°C heat, which is ideal for underfloor heating. If your property has radiators then the insulation levels of the house need to be checked before installation, and possibly upgrade the radiators to more surface area. The heat pump can supply a higher flow temperature for radiators, however the efficiency rate would drop (for example 1kW generates 4kW at 40°C vs 2.8kW at 55°C).

Air Source Heat Pump Benefits:

    Lower fuel bills
    Huge reduction in carbon emissions
    Minimal maintenance

Air Source Heat Pump Pricing

5 kW Heat Pump
200 Liter Cylinder

8 kW Heat Pump
200 Liter Cylinder

12 kW Heat Pump
250 Liter Cylinder

16 kW Heat Pump
300 Liter Cylinder


Prices shown include 0% VAT, pricing can vary depending on property type.

Return on Investment

Read our on Island case studies using real properties, real prices, showing the expected payback period of switching to an Air Source Heat Pump

Go Green choose Samsung Generation 6 heat pumps: a reputable brand with a tried and tested product and are backed with a 7 year warranty. 

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